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Hand Knitted and Crocheted Wool Felted Purses
© Chadis Crafts Exclusive
Hand Knitted and Felted Purses, Computer/Ipad Bags and more!
Ask about adding a hand crocheted shoulder strap for a special price
Custom designed Wool Felted Computer Lap Top Bags, Ipad Bags or Sleeves

What are wool felted purses?

All of Chadis Crafts' felted purses are hand knitted some with hand crocheted trim.
After finishing knitting the bag, it is placed in a washing machine (or hand felted) until the wool stitches dissapear and join together into wool fabric.
All are also shrunk to double or quadruple thickness for durability.
(Original knitting was 2 to 4 times bigger!)
Most of these bags are 100% Persian Wool (Unless noted)
Metallic yarn trim has been crocheted onto many of the bags.
Magnetic snaps or clasps on each
Unlined to show the beauty of even the inside of the bag.
Many with Hand turned real bamboo handles
Other with lucite plastic handles.
All lenghts listed do not count handles
All thicknesses listed are estimates to show strength

Sewn Sides:
All bags are hand sewn with the same wool yarn used in the making of the purse.
On some bags, this the stitches show on the felted wool on the sides for extra interest.

All are one of a kind bags

All took 4 -6 nights to knit and felt.


Those marked HAND STRIPED means I hand tied various colors of yarns to make variegated yarns.
This adds hours to the project especially where I balance the stripes on the front with the back stripes.
It blends and softens colors.
It also means bags are one of a kind!

Hand Knitted and Crocheted Felted Wool Purses and Bags

Most can be used for Ipad or Kindle carriers too!

#7Felted Bag

100% Wool
Wool hand knitted and boiled to felt/shrink.
Crocheted black edge and shoulder strap
Blue/grey/black design HAND NEEDLE FELTED to the front of the bag and on the flap
Magnetic clasp
Bamboo handles (can be hiden inside as can the shoulder strap)
Size? coming
$125.00 plus shipping

#4Felted Bag

100% Persian Wool HAND STRIPED in greens and Turqouise
@2-3 times thickness of non felted wool
Trim hand crocheted man made white yarn with metallic gold
Hand crocheted felted wool flower with same trim as edge (sewn on)
Felted and crocheted trim flap with hidden magnetic clasp
9 1/2" deep by 11 1/2" wide
Hand turned Bamboo handles
$85.00 plus shipping
#6Felted Bag

Size 10" wide (11 wide with trim)
7" deep
100% Persian Wool HAND STRIPED
Yellow, golden yellow lime green, olive green
Trim is Wool with small amount of man made yarn
Trim is thick yarn in: brown, beige and tan looped wool yarn
Crocheted loop yarn sewn on as mini flower
Magnetic clasp
Bamboo handles.
Extra thick (@3 times thickness of unfelted wool)
$75.00 plus shipping
#3Felted Bag

100% Persian yarn HAND STRIPED purse
Deep Turqouise/teal, gray/blue,hot pink/red, golden yellow, pink and light turqouise
2 Multicolor yarns of wool with small amount of manmade yarn
Loop yarn and Thick/thin mix wool yarns in pinks, reds, blues, greens and light oranges.
8" deep bag
14" wide at middle
Light blue Lucite/plastic handles
Metal clasp
Hand crocheted non felted wool flaps
@3 or more (very thick/strong) times thickness of non felted wool
$150.00 plus shipping

Hand Knitted and Crocheted Felted Wool Bags
with Jewish Brooch Pin that can be removed to wear seperately

#2Felted Bag with Brooch Pin

9+" deep by 13+" Wide
100% Persian Wool
Hand knitted and HAND STRIPED vertical stripes
Stripes are hand made in pinks, burgurndy, pinks, oranges and more
Trim white/metallic yarn trim
Wool @4 times thickness of non felted knit wools(very Thick/strong)
Hand crocheted flap with magnetic clasp
Hand curved Bamboo handles
With removeable (and wearable) pin
Brooch Pin Golden Pewter lace design
Shalom/dove, tree of life and large Chumsah Golden Pewter Charms and Bead Caps
3 red irridescent glass beads
Price with Pin $164.00 plus shipping
(pin is discounted 50% 0ff with purse purchases)
Price with out Pin $150.00 plus shipping

#5Felted Bag

100% Persian Wool HAND STRIPED
Pinks, reds, burgurndy and oranges
Red metallic yarn trim
7 1/2" deep by 11 1/2" wide
Hand crocheted flap with magnetic lock
Hand curved bamboo handles
@4times thickness of plain knitted wool
$95.00 plus shipping
#7Felted Bag
Picture coming
Wool/soy Felted bag with multi color fun fur hand knitted into the wool.
Wool/soy in brugundy, purple, deep dark purple and rust.
beige, gray rust burgundy fun fur.
6" deep by 13+" width
Zippered closure
Knitted handle 24" long (Makes a 12" loop)
dark pinks, burgurndy, purples and more wool/soy
Curly fun fur in grays, rust browns, reds and more
$75.00 plus shipping
#1Felted Bag with Brooch Pin

Hand Knitted Felted 100% Persian Wool
HAND STRIPED: Black, gray, royal blue, tuqouise, grey/blue, purple, magnenta, light blue and light turqouise.
Black Lucite/plastic handles
Flap closure is hand crocheted with metal clasp.
Black Metallic yarn (manmade)
9 1/2+" deep by 8+" wide
Golden pewter bow brooch pin (removeable and wearable)
Golden pewter apple, honey jar and tree of life charm and bead caps
Red and purples irridescent glass beads
Price with pin $107.00 Plus shipping
(pin is discounted 50% 0ff with purse purchases)
Price without pin $95.00 plus shipping

All pins can be removed for wearing on other items or clothing
SPECIAL - by a bag and get 50% off one of our pewter and beaded pins.

Custom designed Wool Felted Computer Lap Top Bag/Sleeve
Available for Men and Women

Can be ordered in many wool colors, combination of colors and multicolor yarns.
With or with out shoulder strap
Can be also be used as a protective sleeve inside your current lap top bag
Custom measurements would be used to make it fit your lap top
Allow 3-4 weeks for custom orders
100% wool knitted and then washed in hot water to shrink (felt) and thicken.
After felting, wool is about 3 or 4 times thicker.
Very Strong!
The above sleeve was made of multicolor wool yarn with hand crocheted wool edge and adjustable closing strap.
Strap closes with 2 metal rings.
Prices vary with size and colors
Most $60.00 and up plus shipping
To see my Needle Felted Jewish Pins