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Beaded Stick Pins- 4" (or Short Hat Pins)
Pewter, Golden Pewter and Gold Plate Charms
More Hat Pin pages. Now 5 pages long!

  • Jewish Styles 4" to 8"
  • Non Jewish 5", 6", 7" and 8" Hat and Stick Pins
  • Hat pins page 2
  • Hat Pins page 3
  • 4" Hat or Stick Pins

    Other styles and colors available.

    Email me to design one together!

    People tell me they would also use it as a cocktail/olive skewer!

    Sale Price of $10.00 each

    © Chadis Crafts Exclusive.

    Noah's Ark and Peace Dove
    Reversable Shalom in English and Hebrew

    Both charms available in pewter and golden pewter.

    4" style $10.00 each plus shipping.

    Jewish Style Hat and Stick Pins moved to their own page

    Music, Band, Orchestra and Teacher's Apple Stick pins 4"

    Pewter Xylophone, piano and violin.
    Drum set, tamborine, clarinet also available.

    #1-3 Music Stick pins

    #4 to #8 Stick pins Pewter and Golden Pewter Charms.

    #9 - #16

    #17 # 18 Stick Pins
    Colonial America's good luck/welcome/good health symbol= pineapple.