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Hand Crafted Needle Felted Wool or Wool Mohair Blend Pins
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Pewter and Golden Pewter Charms with Glass Beads
Page 1 Felted Pins - Jewish and Bible Themes

100% Wool with Glass Beads
pewter and golden pewter charms
All one of a kind!

#3JWFelted Pin

Wool roving hand needle felted to make thick fabric
Hand washed/shrunk to thicken
2 golden pewter charms hands sewn
Noah's ark and Shalom with hanging mini dove
Glass E beads hand sewn
purple/blue opaque irridescent glass E beads
1 1/2" wide by 2" long
colors are off on this great pin.
Introductory price $35.00 plus shipping
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Jewish and Bible Styles

Hand Needle Felted Pins of Mohair Blend with Metallic Yarns
Hand sewn on Glass Beads
Hand sewn on pewter and golden pewter charms

#1JMFelted Pin

Mohair blend with multi color metallic yarns
Hand Needle felted to make fabric
Hand washed/shrunk to thicken
Golden pewter tree of life charm hand sewn
Light blue beads hand sewn
2" by 2" long
Introductory price $35.00 plus shipping
#1MusicMFelted Pin

Mohair blend with golden metallic yarns
2 golden pewter violin charms hand sewn on
dark amber irridescent glass E beads hand sewn
2 1/2"" by 3"
Introductory price $35.00 plus shipping

#6JMFelted Pin

Mohair blend with multi color metallic yarns around edge
and amber/gold metallic in center
golden pewter charms hand sewn
apple, honey jar and pomegranite
assorted glass square cut beads hand sewn
2" by 2" plus Thick base
Introductory price $35.00 plus shipping

Felted pins look great on sweaters, jackets, coats and bags.
Also great to use to hold on a stole or cape.
All are unique and sure to be a conversational piece.

What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting fabric is a time consuming process!
First, you have to use wool roving (wool that has not be twisted into yarn).
A tool with 5 very sharp barbed needles is used to punch the roving onto a special mat
With the wool pins on this page as many as 6 colors were blended together to make these felted shapes
Some pieces of felt take an hour+ to needle and shrink
They are hand washed to slightly shrink and thicken the wool
When dried the charms and beads are hand sewn onto the shape.
The pin is sew onto the back
More wool roving is needle felted onto the back to cover the sewing and to cover the base of the pin.
The front and back of the pin is repeatedly felted to smooth the surface.
Each pin then can take many hours to make!

Some of my pins also use 100% wool yarn with the roving.
Others use a Mohair blend yarn that has multiple multicolor metallic yarns twisted into it.