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Jewish Wired Beaded Necklaces

Jewish Necklaces

Colors of glass beads vary.
Custom orders of different lengths and charms can be ordered.
Prices and descriptions coming.

Hand wired link necklaces

Glass beads hand linked together on metal eye pins. (No string!)
Red/gold and Black/gold glass beads
Golden pewter large chumsah/hand
golden pewter beads of round chai and mini chumsah hand beads
27" long no clasp needed
$30.00 plus shipping
To see wired glass beaded bracelets

Golden Pewter Charms on Wired Glass Beaded Necklaces

Necklaces can be ordered in different lengths and charms.
Lobster claw or Chumsah toggle clasp.
Prices $30.00 plus shipping and higher per necklace
Non Jewish Necklaces Coming

ID or Badge Necklaces

can also be ordered with wired beads and charms