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Welcome to Eileen Chadis Wood's
Chadis Crafts & Kippot
Jewish Jewelry Catalog
© Chadis Crafts

Quantity discounts are available on some styles.
Like the design? Interested in a different color?
Email me.
A prices are each and do NOT include shipping.


Beaded Stick Pins/Hat Pins

© Chadis Crafts Exclusive.

Gold or Silver Hat or Stick Pin 4"$10.00 each.

Beaded Pendants with Judiac Charms in Pewter

© Chadis Crafts Exclusive

Shabbat, High Holidays, Chanukah, Purim, Passover, Klezmer, Symbols and more coming. Introductory special prices:
$15.00 to $22.50 each plus shipping depending on number of charms and beads.
Beaded and Charm Earrings
Pierced or Clip Styles.

© Chadis Crafts Exclusive

Many styles available or design your own.$12.00 and up plus shipping.
Men's Small Tie Bar
Men's Small Tie Bar with any of my Jewish OR Music charms.$6.00 each plus shipping.
Pewter Charms on Sterling Silver Necklaces and Bracelets
© Chadis Crafts Exclusive.

Pewter and Golden Pewter Charms on Sterling Silver Chains for Necks and Hands

Some with Beads, Others with Pewter Leaf Connector

Sterling Bracelets $7.00 and up plus shipping.

Necklaces $12.00 to $18.00 plus shipping.

Pewter Bracelets

© Chadis Crafts Exclusive

Pewter and Golden Pewter Charms.

Magnetic clasp.

Small to Extra large 8"

Special Price- $20 to $35.00 depending on length, number of beads and charms.
Pewter Charm and Link Tallit Clips

© Chadis Crafts

Can be worn as sweater clips for that retro look.

Pewter links and charms.

5" long.

Other styles coming.

Special Price - $15.00 plus shipping.
Ladies Beaded Tallit Clips

Mens Clay and Beaded Tallit/Tallis Clips

© Chadis Crafts Exclusive

The pictures are samples of custom orders. Click on picture for more examples.Price $35.00 to $55.00 each. Plus shipping.
Jewish and
Non Jewish
Hand Crafted Beaded and Charm Bobbie Pins and Clips
Pewter and Golden Pewter Charms dangling from bobbie pins or clips.

Perfect for your hair or to match a yarmulkah

Custom orders accepted.

Special -$9.50 to $12.00 a pair plus shipping.

Polymer Clay with Pewter Charm Jewelry.
Polymer Clay with Metallic Finish
Pewter and Golden Pewter and Beaded Charms.
Prices vary by size, number of charms and beads.

© Chadis Crafts Exclusives!

Available in many colors and StylesAlso available with a Gold Metallic Wash.Special Orders welcome.
Polymer Clay
Chumsah Pin and Earrings.
Sculpey Clay. Molded in exclusive designs. Your choice of: Marbelized, Plain, Gold washed.
Size varies. Most are 1 1/2 "
$8.00 each pin.
$10.00 Pair of Earrings.
3 piece set $15.00
Polymer CLay
3D Molded Chi's Pin
Hebrew Letters for Chi's. Good luck. This 3D Molded design is an exclusive. Colors Vary. Your choice. Plain, marbalized and/or gold washed. Not Clear in Picture a Hebrew letter Shin is added (like on Mezzuzahs).
Size varies. Most are 1 1/2" by 1 1/2 inches.
$10.00 Pair of Earrings.
3 piece set $15.00
Polymer Clay Jewish Designs
Exclusive 3D molded Jewish Designs. Stars, Menorahs, Chumsahs and more. Your chice of colors: plain, marbelized and/or gold washed.
Polymer Clay
Custom order only
Heishi Shell
Sculpey Clay Chumsah Charm and Chi etched beads on a Heise shell necklace. Multicolor Heise Shells.
24" necklace.

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