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Sukkot Jewelry and Gifts
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#1 Sukkot
Pewter Tree Pin
Pewter etrog and lulav
Clear irridescent oval facetted beads.
SALE $18.00 plus shipping.

#2 Sukkot
Pewter tree pin
Pewter etrog, lulav, Jerusalem and Torah
SALE $20.00 plus shipping.

Style 3 Sukkot

Golden pewter tree pin
Golden Pewter Jerusalem, lulav, etrog and Torah
SALE $20.00 plus shipping.
New beads and styles
#1Beadbar Sukkot Pin

Flash changed the bead color!
Dark blue (looks purple in bright light) glass beads
Golden pewter pin
Golden pewter charms: lulav, Jerusalem and etrog charms
Introductory special $25.00 plus shipping
Pomegranate two sided charms
#4 Sukkot Pin

Golden pewter bow pin with lulav, etrog and pomegranate
Wired glass beads
$24.00 plus shipping
#5 Sukkot Pin

Pewter lace pin with lulav, etrog and pomegranate
wired glass beads in brown, green and red
$24.00 plus shipping
#6 Sukkot Pin

New tree log pewter pin
pewter pomegrante, apple, lulv and etrog charms
$20.00 plus shipping

Polymer Clay Pins with Sukkot Designs

Polymer Clay Pins with Sukkot Theme

Metal Lace Purse Necklaces
Purses open
Wired Glass beads with Pewter Charms
  • Oval Metal Purse 1 3/4" by 1"
  • Metal Purse size 1 1/2 by 1"
  • Chain length most 26"

    #1MHOvalPurse Necklace

    Yellow wired glass beads (color is lighter)
    Pewter Lulav and Etrog
    Introductory Special $28.00 plus shipping

    Sukkot Gifts from our visiting artist

    Challah Cover for Sukkot

    Sukkot Earrings


    Can be ordered pierced or clip
    Golden pewter Lulav and Etrog
    large white opaque glass bead with gold swirls
    Special $14.00 pair plus shipping

    Pewter etrog and lulav
    BLUE (purple in bright light) square wired glass beads
    Special $12.00 pair plus shipping

    Golden pewter lulav, etrog and bead caps
    COBALT BLUE glass beads
    $14.00 pair plus shipping

    Pewter Lulav and etrog
    Green wired glass beads
    $14.00 plus shipping

    Pewter lulav and etrog
    olive green wired glass beads
    $14.00 plus shipping
    #43J Sukkot EAR #44J Sukkot EAR

    Lulav and Etrog

    Golden Pewter and Pewter
    Stud (flower stud available in pewter only)
    Surgical Steel Wires or Non Pierced Clip Styles only drop
    Extra Special Two Charms on Each Ear
    Not heavy though
    #43JSukkot with golden clear beads
    #44JSukkot EAR Pewter with Golden Beads.
    Extra Special still only $14.00 each pair plus shipping.

    More Sukkot Earrings and Pins in Stock with Pictures coming.

    Charm Bracelets can be ordered with your choice of beads and Sukkot charms

    Pewter grape beads
    Pewter grape, tree, etrog. lulav, chai house and pomegrante
    Grape vine toggle clasp
    $32.00 plus shipping
    #2GPSukkotgrapebeadbracelt also available in golden pewter
    Chain Link Charm bracelets also available in Rhodium finish and Gold tone.
    Also stretch bracelets also available.

    Pewter Charms On Sterling Chains

    Sterling silver 7" serpetine or 18" chains with single charms also available.

    More Sukkot Gifts and Jewelry:

  • Key Chain with Charm
  • Bookmark with Charm
  • Sukkot Wine Charms
  • Sukkot Hat Pins

  • To see HIGH HOLIDAYS Jewelry Click here.

    See Chadis Crafts' Fun Pages for:
    Sukkot information, educational lessons, links and craft lessons


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