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White, Ecru, Black, Navy and Dark Navy Striped Yarmulkahs

Introductory Prices!
New Medium Yarn in Sizes 8" to 10"
Medium cotton= slightly less time to make, lower cost and better quality cotton yarn.
Of course they are all washable as are all of my cotton kippot.
Hand wash and air dry to shape.
Hard to see the difference between the very dark navy blue and the black.
All of these were for a special order but can be ordered them in your choice of colors and patterns.
About 9 colors available in this yarn.
Teal, Russet, Black, Navy, White, Ecru, Deep Purple etc.
Price Special $45.00 each plus shipping

Style Black Medium 9" #1

Style Black Medium 9 #2

Style Navy Blue Medium 9 #1

Style Navy Blue Medium 9 #2
New colors of yarn and thickness.
Size 5 yarn. Medium thickness of cotton is slightly thicker than traditional cotton for yarmulkahs. Holds shaper better.
Available in Ecru/natural pearlized, white pearlized, black/gold or gold/gold (or shell stitch stripe can be of a different color)

Style KEP5shelledge8 and KWP5shelledge8

Ecru pearlized or white pearlized cotton
has little glimmers of reflective sparkle. Subtle.
Single crochet with a border of shell stitches.
8" So fits most heads with out clips.
special $45.00 each plus shipping

Navy blue medium cotton
2 rows of fancy shell stitches.
8" kippot (will fit most heads with out clips)
Special $40.00 each plus shipping

Available in 9 colors.
9" kippot special $45.00 each plus shipping.

Style #KWMedshell10
Bright White Medium Cotton
with shell stitch 3D Stripe
10" diameter
$55.00 each plus shipping

Style KBLMediumplain10
10" medium cotton
Plain single crochet through out.
Sale $55.00 plus shipping
To see medium cotton kippot with Loriscrafts embroidery click here.