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Bobbie Pins, Clips and Hair Sticks with Charms or Beads.
© Chadis Crafts Exclusive
Bobbie Pins and Clips vary in size and color.
Most pictures enlarged to show detail.

NOW! Order single or mixed pairs.

On sale $12.00 styles pair. Now $6.50 single or 2 different singles $12.50.

$9.00 pair styles on sale = $5.00 single or $9.50 for two different singles.

Bible Charms

#1 Pewter Noah's Ark 3 pastel glass beads.
Special price - $12.00 pair plus shipping.

#1G Golden Pewter Noah's Ark 4 primary color glass beads.
Special price - $12.00 pair plus shipping.
#9 Golden Pewter Moses with Ten Commandments
$9.50 pair plus shipping.

#12 Pewter Ten Commandments with pastel beads.
Special price $12.00 pair plus shipping.

Small Golden Beige Bobbie Pin
Golden Pewter Noah's Ark with 3 Glass Opaque Copper Metallic Color beads.
Special price - $12.00 Pair plus shipping.


Medium White Clips
Golden Pewter Shalom Dove
Shalom in Hebrew and English.One on each side.
Golden Pewter Bead Caps
Round frosted and clear irridescent white beads.
Pair - $12.00 plus shipping.

Medium gold clip
Golden Pewter Jerusalem Charms
$9.50 pair plus shipping.
Medium silver tone clip
Pewter Jerusalem Charm
$9.50 pair plus shipping.

Medium Long Beige Bobbie Pin with slight sparkle.
Golden Pewter Violin
Special Price $9.50 plus shipping.
Other Music Charms available.
More colors and styles available.
Don't forget our Klezmer and Music Style Charms!
Metal Hair Sticks
#12JP Hair stick

Pewter Noah and Bead Caps
Dark green irridescent finish glass bead

Left to right
Light green oval irridescent green glass
pewter frogs
Dark green irridescent oval glass bead
Pewter bead caps
Special $9.00 each plus shipping

Another great idea from my customers!
Need something to hold a scarf or stole closed?
Use one of these sticks and weave in and out of your scarf or stole!

Metal Hair Sticks
Metal Hair Sticks 5 1/2" long.
Currently available in Silver color only
Pewter Charms and Bead Caps
Glass Beads
Introductory Price $9.00 each plus shipping
Can be ordered with any pewter charm from my site.

  • #1AHStick Pewter Geisha and bead caps with medium jade glass bead
  • #2AHStick Pewter Sushi Plate and bead caps with medium round red glass bead
  • #3AHStick with Pewter Sushi Bottle with Small Stopper with teal/black facated bead

    Pewter Sake bottle with stopper plus bead caps
    Red swirl irridescent glass bead

    Pewter sushi and sake bottle plus bead caps
    deep blue irridescent glass beads
    Special #12.00 plus shipping

    Pewter geisha and bead caps
    Red swirl irridescent glass bead

  • #1MHStick with pewter violin and caps & lg black glass bead

  • #2MP Hair stick
    Pewter piano and bead caps
    light purple irridescent finished glass beads

    #3MP Hair stick
    Pewter piano and bead caps
    green irridescent finished glass beads
    #4MP Hair Stick

    Pewter tamborine and bead caps
    Brown irridescent finished glass beads
    #5MP Hair Stick

    Pewter drum and bead caps
    Long brown irridescent finished glass bead
    #6MP Hair Stick

    Pewter Violin and bead caps
    Long swirl green irridescent glass bead

    #7MP Hair Stick
    Pewter cello and bead caps
    Small deep blue irridescent glass bead

    for Jewish bobbie pins and clips, click here
    For Jewish Hair sticks
    Email me we can design jewelry together!

    See my Judaic wine charms for examples of the charms currently available.

    All yarmulkahs are priced for a single yarmulkah/kippah and shipping is extra.
    Eileen generally ships US Post Office priority shipping box for $5.00 for small for USA Shipments.
    Additional costs for shipping for larger/heavier boxes.

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    All Kippot/Yarmulkas, Scarves, Jewelry and Gifts are priced each plus shipping is extra.

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