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Gallery of Hand Crafted Pewter and Golden Pewter Torah Jewelry and Gifts

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Torah Pins

Pewter Pin with Chai/tree, Torah and Star Charms

Special price $18.00 plus shipping

Golden Pewter
Chai/House, Mezzuzah, Fancy Torah Scroll
Fancy bead caps with clear irridescent beads.
Special Price $22.50 plus shipping.

Golden Pewter Chai/Tree of Life and Torah Charms
Golden Yellow Square Glass Beads
$18.00 plus shipping.
Wired beaded Pins

Glass E Beads with golden wire wrap pin.
Blues, Greens, Golds in clear, opaque and metallic styles.
Gold Wire Wrap Pin
Golden Pewter Star, Chi/house, and Torah scrolls.
Special - $22.50 plus shipping.
Wired Beads on Bar Pin

Golden Pewter Bar Pin
Golden Pewter Charms: Chi/house, braided star and torah
Green/gold large glass beads wired onto the pin
$25.00 plus shipping
Email me.
We can design a wire wrap pin with your choice of colors and charms.
Non Dangling Pins
#1GPNON Torah Pin

Golden pewter pin, Torah and Yad
$16.00 plus shipping
#3PNON Torah Pin

Pewter pin
Pewter Torah and Yad charms
$16.00 plus shipping

New Symbols in Pewter
Torah Scrolls & Kabbalah Text
#4 Torah Pin

Pewter Bar Pin
Pewter Torah Scrolls, Kabbalah Text and Star
Special $18.00 plus shipping.
#5 Torah Pin

New pewter tree pin
Pewter star, tree of life/chai and torah charms
Clear crackle glass beads
$20.00 plus shipping
#6 Torah Pin

New pewter tree pin
Pewter star, tzedakah box and torah charms
Assorted faceted glass beads
$20.00 plus shipping
#5 Torah Pin

Golden pewter lace pin
Golden pewter tree of life/chai, mezzuzah and torah charms
Frosted glass with brown swirls
$20.00 plus shipping.
Hair Jewelry - Kippah Clips


Gold Medium Clips
Golden Pewter Torah and Bead Caps
Amber Irridescent Glass Beads
Special $12.00 pair plus shipping.

#21 Clip

Navy blue clips
Pewter torahs
Blue ( not purple?) glass beads
$12.00 pair plus shipping
Tallit clips
#1P Star Tube

6 Pewter Tube beads with star
Pewter Torah
Special $18.00 plus shipping.

To see more tallit clips

Torah Earrings
High quality Blue enameled Silver plate charms

#1Blue Enamaled Silver plate Torah Earring
Cobalt blue with silver trim glass beads
Blue enameled Silver Plated Torah charm
Sale $12.00 pair plus shipping
#2Blue Enameled Silver Plate Torah Earrings

Same as above but with white/blue round glass beads
$12.00 pair plus shipping
To see charm bracelets with Torahs
Hand painted resin mini Torahs
#1Resin Mini Torah/glow earring

Mini resin Torahs
White glow in the dark glass bead
Sale $12.00 pair plus shipping
#1P Torah Earrings

New Pewter Torah Scrolls
Available in Golden Pewter or Pewter
Medium glass beads in red/green/blues
$12.00 plus shipping.

#2GP Torah Earrings
Golden pewter Torahs
wired blue oval glass beads
Special $12.00 pair plus shipping
#3GP Torah Earrings
#4GP Torah Earrings

Golden pewter torah charm
New golden pewter yad charm
Pink and brown wired glass beads
$19.00 plus shipping
#1 Torah EAR Clip

Clip Earring- Golden Pewter Chai/tree with Pewter Torah.
Square cut beads.
Special $15.00 pair plus shipping

#12 Torah Clip Dangle
Pewter Torah and new Yad charms

blue and clear wired glass beads
Special $18.00 pair plus shipping

Other Jewish Symbol Earrings .
Torah Bracelets

#1Torah Golden Pewter and Wire Glass Beads
Golden pewter Torah and Yad
Gold wired glass beads
$20.00 plus shipping

#2 Torah Blue Wired Bracelet

Blue wired glass beads
custom order - colors and shapes will vary for each bracelet
$20.00 plus shipping

Charms linked together to make a bracelet!
The numbers of charms will vary with the length ordered

Style# 1GP Joined charm bracelet
Golden pewter:
Filagree star, braided star, large chumsah with star
beaded edge large chumsah with star
Yad and Torah hanging down.
other charms can be substitued for the Yad/Torah
chumsah toggle clasp
Special $32.00 plus shipping
Also available in pewter Style #1P Joined charm bracelet
#2P Joined charm Bracelet

Pewter charms joined together with a Yad and Torah drop
3 filiagree stars, 2 large chumsahs, 2 large beaded chumsahs
Pewter chumsah toggle clasp
Size Adult ?
Special $32.00 plus shipping
#2MOvalPurse Necklace

Light and dark green wired glass beads
Pewter Torah and Yad
Introductory Special $28.00 plus shipping
#2MJPurse Necklace

Clear glass wired beads
Opaque white wired beads
Pewter lion of Judah, Large Chumsah and Torah Charms
Introductory Special $30.00 plus shipping
Torah Hair Sticks
#14JP Hair Stick

Pewter Torah and Yad plus bead caps
Dark irridescent finished cobalt blue swirl glass
Sale $9.00 plus shipping
#15J Hair Stick

Pewter Torah, Yad and bead caps
Oval dark green irridescent finished glass bead
Introductory Special $11.00 plus shipping
#11JG Book

Golden Pewter Torah.
Dark Golden Metallic Square Cut Glass Beads.
$8.50 plus shipping

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