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Knitted and Crocheted Scarves, Hats
Headbands, Scrunchies,
Made From Fur Like Yarns:
Eyelash,Tweed, Glowlash, Fun Fur, Boa & More!

Custom orders are welcome. Hundreds of yarns and combo available. Email Eileen.
See my flickr pages for examples of custom orders. Chadiscrafts on Flickr

Chadis Crafts Fur-Like Scarves
Are Made Using 2-4 or more fur and metallic yarns.

Do you love the fur scarf crazy but don't knit or crochet?
Order one from Chadis Crafts!
The same extra quality and care of Eileen's other hand made crafts.

Scarves vary in length from about 36" to about 70" long and 3" to 5" wide.
Email me with your color requests and I will see if I have the yarn or can get the yarn.


Style Denin and Pastel Fur with Light Rainbow Metalilc
This is a quieter blue than pictured
3 yarns
Denin Blue fun fur
Assorted light pastel fur
Thick metallic thread in light rainbow(blues, golds, pinks etc)
6" by 44"
Special $45.00 plus shipping.

Style Name - Menchville High
Two Threads
Purple Fun Fur with white and gold metallic cable/yarn.
My son's high school colors.
About 3 1/2" wide by 48" long
Sale $45.00 plus shipping.
Sample of new Menchville style

Yellow Glow Fur adn Purple Glow fur
more info coming.

Menchville 3
3 yarns
Purple glow fur
Deep purple double eyelash.
(regular eyelash with extra lashes that are very long)
Thick gold metallic
Size coming.

Style - Gray Fur (Named changed)
Even though the picture above looks brown this is a multi tonal gray fur.

Two Threads
Variegated Gray Eyelash/Fur with Thick Gray yarn.
Color is a combination of many shades of gray
About 4" wide by 40" long.
Sale $40.00 plus shipping.

Style- White Golden Metallic

Close up
Two threads.
White Fur and a special soft white yarn with gold metallic stripes.
About 3 1/2" to 4" wide and 48" long.
Sale $45.00 plus shipping

Close up of the 3 yarns.
Lime Tweed Fur, Sherbet pastel Ladder and Thin Light rainbow metallic yarn.
3" by 60"
Price introductory = $45.00 plus shipping.

Style - Champagne/BrownGreenCha

Close up
Three Threads
Champagne Fun Fur
Assorted greens,purples, browns, grays, turquoise twisted fur
Dark rainbow thin metallic
(ast. metallic in turquoise, copper, black, gold etc)
About 4" by 38+"
Sale $45.00 plus shipping.

Close up of threads

Style - Black Raccoon
Three Threads
Black Fur with twist variegated beige fur and thin gold metallic thread.
About 4 1/2" wide and about 48" long.
Sale $45.00 plus shipping.
Back in stock
Newer version (new picture coming soon).
This style but with more metallic.
Third thread is thick black and gold metallic

Long scarf doubled and looped through

Style Black Glow Fur, Multi Fur with Black/gold thick Metallic
3 yarns
Black Glow Fur
Multi color fur:
copper brown, deep purple, navy, yellow, dark green +
Thick black/gold metallic yarn
4" by 65" great for doubling close to neck.
Special $45.00 plus shipping

Long scarf doubled and looped through
Style Brown Tweed Fur,
Multitonal Brown Fur and thick Copper Metallic
3 yarns
Brown tweed fur
Multitonal copper brown,(see sample below)
Thick copper metallic yarn
4" by 70" great for doubling close to neck.
Special $45.00 plus shipping.

Style Turqouise Fun Multi Metallic It sparkles!
Three yarns.
Turqouise fun fur
Two strands of thick metallic threads in light rainbow and gold.
length. needs to be measured but long.
Over 50".
price -coming.

Teal/green tweed fur
mixed with ladder yarn in purples, greens and blues.
Plus dark rainboow metallic yarn
3 Yarns!
4"+ by 50+"
Introductory special $45.00 plus shipping.

Style Teal Tweed and Extra long lash
deep purple with thick Light rainbow metallic.
3 yarns
5" by 50+"
Extra thick tweed fur with the new long lash fur.
Long lash has regular lashes Plus 2" longer lashes for a feathery look!
Introductory special $50.00 plus shipping.

Style- Black/Multi green
black fun fur
multi green and blue fur
3" by 45"
Price - $40.00 plus shipping.

Champaigne/Bronze Ladder/Gold Metallic
3 Threads
Champaigne fun fur with assorted browns
Bronze metallic ladder yarn. Glittery!
Gold thick metallic yarn
4" by $48"
special $45.00 plus shipping.

Style Black/tropical/gold
Three yarns
Black boa fur
Tropical fun fur
Pinks purles, greens, yellows and more
Gold thick metallic yarn
4" by 48"
Special $45.00 plus shipping.

style Assorted blue fur in a boa/multi blue fur/thin lt rain
3 yarns
Boa fur in assorted denim blues
Tropical pastel fur(see sample below)
thin light rainbow metallic yarn in golds, blues and more+
3 1/2-4" by 60"
Special $45.00 plus shipping

Style Blue fur/blue ladder turqouise metallic
3 threads
Blue fun fur
Blue to white ribbon ladder yarn
Thick metallic thread in turqouise
4" by 56"
Special $45.00 plus shipping.

Style Brown fur/Browns to greens ribbon ladder/bronze met.
three yarns
Brown fun fur
Ribbon Ladder yarn in assorted browns, beiges and greens
Bronze thick metallic thread
3 to 4" by 48"
Special $45.00 plus shipping.

3 Yarns
Thick white with black root tweed fur
Ribbon ladder yarn in Yellows, Blues, Purples and Oranges
Silver with black root thick Metallic thread
3 1/2" by 48"
Special $45.00 plus shipping.

New yarn mixes.

close up

Close up

Has new thick nylon/rayon ribbon with thick soft long balls of yarn.

See Pictures of sample below until I get the real pictures online.

Style Brown tweed with multi tonal brown fur and thick copper metallic.
4" by 68"
Special $45.00 plus shipping.
Style- Black glow fur mixed with muted pastels with black/gold thick metallic. 4" by 64"
Special $45.00 plus shipping.

Pink Furs

Style Rose glow and dark purple metallic rainbow glow fur
54" by 4 1/2"
$45.00 plus shipping.
Pink fur with lilac/white tweed adn thick pink metallic
3 yarns
3 1/2" by 64" great for long look or two double and loop through each other.
Special $45.00 plus shipping.
Pink glow fur/short deep purple boa type fur, lilac thick metallic yarn
3" by48"
special $30.00 plus shipping.
Pink Fun Fur/Pink Glow Fur/Thick Pink Metallics
3 1/2" by 72" !
Special $45.00 plus shipping.
Rose glow fur mixed with pink multicolor twister yarn.
Twister yarn is a pink chenille with a multicolor (pinks purples, turqouise and yellow boa like fur
2 2/3" by 50"+
Special $40.00 plus shipping.

Price varies by length, width and number of specialty yarns used.
School Or Team Colors
Show your school spirit!
Order scarves and gloves in your school or team colors.

Great for:
pep squads, cheerleaders, team booster clubs, band parents and others wanting to show their school pride.
Look fashonable and be warm!

Discounts available for group orders.

Email me with your questions.

I have many more scarves in stock but have not had the time to put them online.
Match a coat or wear it with a sweater.
Order a shorter one to use as a collar
or instead of a necklace.
See my ladder yarn scarf page
for samples of ladder,ribbon, boucle' etc yarn
that also can be mixed with the fun fur.

New page 3
To go to new page for more Fur Scarves
including new twisted scarves

Click here for page 2 for scarves

Ladder, ribbon, boucle', metallic ladder and more.


Click here to see Trimmed Stretch Gloves

More styles available and custom orders accepted.

See my metallic thread pages for ideas of metallics that can be mixed into the scarves for specks of glitter.

Metallic Glow Furs

  • Dark Rainbow METALLIC GLOW

  • Dark purple/black with irridescent strands
    of gold, purple and turqouise.
    Incredible alone or mixed with a lighter color.

    I have a scarf made with the dark rainbow and the rose glow in stock.

    White fur with irridescent metallic yarn
  • Red irridescent glow.

    Metallic yarns available in Gold (tinsel color) and
    Silver (tinsel color.)

    I use my black glow fur and white fur not the festive fur when making my scarfs.

    If you can knit or crochet and want to make scarfs similar to these: see
    my free lesson pages for tips and yarn sources.
    Crafts & Supplies at!
    They have yarn too!

    YARN SALE GOING ON NOW! Free Shipping Club

    I already have been told my local customers that these scarfs look much better in person!
    Please read the description carefully as many metallics and other colors do not show up in the picture but are incredible.

    Go To PAGE 2 SCARVES -
    To see Ladder Yarn, Metallics and more!

    Click her to go to:

    Wrap around yourself for evening glamour.
    Extra wide.
    Dark Rainbow Glow Fur Evening Cape

    3 yarns
    Two dark rainbow metallic glow furs twisted together for extra thickness.
    Plus thick silver metallic.
    12" by 62"
    Custom order only.
    Size available in all colors.
    INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL - $70.00 plus shipping.

    Mini Scarves

    Great for indoor wear instead of silk scarf or necklace.
    Also great for wearing at neckline of closed coat or suit.
    Most 3" by 36"

    Style - Champagne & Copper
    Tied in a knot at the neck

    Close up

    Two threads
    Champagne Fun Fur
    Ladder like metallic yarn in copper with copper metallic boxes.
    Mini scarf - about 36" long
    Sale $30.00 plus shipping.

    Style White & Assorted
    Three threads
    White fun fur
    Multi color fun fur in pinks, greens and purple
    Silver thick metallic thread
    2 1/2" by 36"
    Sale $30.00 plus shipping.

    Close up of new style

    New style using white glow fur and new assorted pastels

    3+" by 60"
    Special $45.00 plus shipping.

    Style - Mini Black & White
    Three threads
    Two fun furs
    Black fun and white fun fur
    Thick black with silver metallic thread
    3" by 36"
    Sale $30.00 plus shipping.

    Style Mini Champaign/Straw gold metallic
    3 yarns
    Champaigne Fun Fur
    Assorted tans fizzey fur
    Thick gold metallic thread
    2" by 44"
    Special $30.00 plus shipping.

    More Long Scarfs
    Double Tweeds Extra Thick

    Style Double Tweed White/black Light Purple/white with dark purple metallic
    3 yarns
    2 Thick tweed fur white/black and lt. purple/white
    Thick dark purple metallic
    4" be 56"
    Special $50.00 plus shipping.

    Color of picture is off!
    Style - Blue/black/white tweed royal blue metallic
    3 yarns
    Two Thick tweed furs-white/black assorted blue/white fur.
    Royal blue thick metallic yarn
    4 1/2" by 44"
    $50.00 plus shipping.

    Style Red/white tweed black/red metallic
    2 yarns
    Thick red/white tweed fur
    Black with red thick metallic yarn
    4" by 56"
    $45.00 plus shipping.

    Style Red/Black Tweed Red/black metallic
    2 yarns
    Thick red/black tweed fur
    Thick red/black metallic yarn
    3" by 72"!
    Super Special $45.00 plus shipping.

    Red/black Tweed with Cranberry and silver
    3 yarns
    Red and black tweed fur.
    Cranberry tweed. (thick single color fun fur)
    Thicker scarf
    Silver metallic
    3" by 70"
    $55.00 plus shipping.

    Fancy Furs and Confetti Furs!!

    These yarns have two parts.
    The fun fur plus a soft yarn with either balls of yarns (fancy fur)
    or strips of ribbon/cloth.(confetti fun fur).
    Not to be confused with the multicolor yarn that is called confetti colored.

    See gloves for pictures/samples of yarns available.

    This is a picture of a custom ordered scarf.
    Additional scarfs the same or similiar can be special ordered.

    Picture coming. Two tone scarf
    White fancy fur mixed with white pearlized thick metallic yarn

    for half of scarf then Turqouise fancy fur mixed with white pearlized.

    tips of both ends have reversed furs for contast.
    3 1/2" by 42"
    Special $40.00 plus shipping

    Black Fun Fur with Black/multicolor Confetti Fur Plus Silver metallic
    4 yarns.
    Black Fun Fur
    A second Black fun fur
    Confetti yarn in multicolor strips of soft cloth.
    Silver Metallic threads
    The extra fun fur was to add some thickness.
    4" by 48"
    $50.00 plus shipping

    I do have matching gloves in this style.

    Style Name - Blue Ladder
    Deep Blue Fur (color is off in picture) with Ladder Yarn in assorted black, blues, pinks etc.
    About 3" wide by 40"" long.
    Sale $45.00 plus shipping.

    Style Name - Black Rainbow

    Three threads.
    Black Fur yarn, dark thick dark NAVY nubby yarn and dark rainbow metallic.
    Dark Rainbow is a mixture of coppers, gold, turquoise and more colors that show as flecks in the thick fur.
    About 3" wide by 48" long.
    Sale $45.00 plus shipping.

    Style White Confetti
    Three stands
    White fun fur
    Multi color fun fur in pinks, greens, yellows and purples +
    Copper and black thin metallic thread
    3" by 50" long
    Sale $45.00 plus shipping.

    Bad picture of a great scarf. (See samples of the fur below. Great together.) Lighter pink.
    Pink glow fur, Muted Pastels, Tropical Pastels and Thick Pink Metallic
    4 YARNS!
    6+" by 60+"
    Special $50.00 plus shipping.

    More scarves in stock pictures coming

    Style Mauve/black tweed Magnenta Metallic
    2 yarns
    Thick tweed fur in mauve/magnenta? with black
    Magnenta thick metallic yarn
    3" by 62"
    Special $45.00 plus shipping.
    Style - White/Black Black/white Silver/gold
    4 yarns!
    2 thick tweed furs. White/black black/white
    2 thick gold metallics one gold one silver
    5" by 54"
    Extra Special $50.00 plus shipping.
    Style Brown/white tweed Assorted brown fun with gold and bronze metallics
    4 yarns!
    Brown and white thick tweed fur
    assorted browns/white fun fur
    2 thick metallic yarns 1 gold 1 bronze
    4" by 48"
    Special $50.00 plus shipping.
    Style Black/white brown/white tweed bronze metallic
    3 yarns
    black/white and brown/white tweed furs
    Bronze thick metallic thread
    4" by 56"
    $50.00 plus shipping
    Style Blue/black Tweed White fun white/gold metallic yarn
    3 special yarns
    Thick assorted dark blues/black tweed fur
    white fun fur
    Extra Thick yarn in gold and white metallic.
    4" by 60"
    $50 plus shipping
    Style Light Purple/white tweed fur dark purple metallic
    2 yarns
    Light purple/white tweed fur
    dark purple metallic thread
    2 1/2" be 56"
    Special $45.00 plus shipping
    Yarn Definitions:
    Ladder Yarn

    Eyelash/Fun Fur Yarn
    Fun Fur

    Eyelash styles

    Twisted eyelash and boa

    Picture of scarf with these two threads together.

    Remember each creation takes me many hours to crochet
    or knit as I am mixing many threads.

    These pictures of my luxious yarns are samples to help you
    see what colors we can mix together for a scarf.
    New line of Tweed/double colors that can be
    used alone or with another color.

    Tweed yarns are double the weight of most fun furs. 100gr vs 50 gr.
    Giving a fuller, soft, luxious feel to the scarfs that use these yarns.

    I have many scarfs in stock already
    with tweed mixed with metallics yarn
    but have not had time to post the pictures.

    So email me.


  • Black/Silver fur
  • Black?/Bone fur
  • Red/Black fur
  • Lilac/White

  • Fushia+
  • Blue/Black
  • Beige
  • Cranberry
  • Brown
  • Jade

    The color is off in this picture. The fur is more green.
    Thus they call it "Jade".
    Somewhere between a turquoise, teal and peacock?

    Email me with your questions.

    New gentle curled fur.

    Higher quality than most fun fur but the same 50gr weight.

    I love to mix these with my tweeds for a full multitonal look.
    I wear one that has brown tweed with
    multi color curley fur and a thick gold metallic.
    Strangers stop me to ask about it!

  • Denin/Indigo

  • Muted Pastels
  • Tropical Pastels

  • Multi Tonal Brown/Copper


    Fun fur with a pearlized glow!

    Not only does glow fur has a nice finish that glows in sunlight
    (camera can't catch the glow) but it is thicker than most fun furs from other companies.

    Double the weight 100gr vs 50 gr a ball!

    Luxious feel.

  • White Glow
  • Rose Glow
  • Black glow
  • Blue glow
  • Lime glow
  • Yellow Glow
  • Pink Glow

  • Samples of some of my metallic threads that I mix in with the furs, ladder yarns etc


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