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Knitted and Crocheted Scarves and/or Belts.
Made of: Ladder Yarn, Boucle' Yarn, Ribbon Yarn, Metallics and more!
To see traditional non fringe belts click here.

Chadis Crafts Scarves and Belts Are Made Using 2-4 or more: Ladder,Ribbon, Boucle' and Metallic yarns knitted together.
All also have a crocheted trim for added glamour and strength.

Do you love the fur scarf crazy but don't knit or crochet?
Order one from Chadis Crafts!
The same extra quality and care of Eileen's other hand made crafts.
Most Ladder, ribbon and boucle' scarves are knitted with a crocheted border of 1" to 3" and decorative touch, texture and strength to the stretchy yarns.

Each scarf varies in length from about 36" to about 60" long and 3" to 4 1/2" wide.
Email me with your color requests and I will see if I have the yarn or can get the yarn.

Ladder, Ribbon and Metallic Ladder SCARVES -
Most are $35.00 -$45.00 each plus shipping.(A $65.00 and higher value)
Great for indoor or outdoor neckwear. .

Email me with your questions.

I have many more scarves in stock but have not had the time to put them online.



If you want to use it for a belt, ask me about the length of the scarf.

I can make longer scarves for those like myself with a wide waist or hips.

The ribbon ones really look great as a belt!
Just wrap around hips or waist and fold over the fringe. Pictures coming.

Contact Eileen for information if these scarves can be made again.

LADDER Scarves

Some with fringe, metallics and more!
Match a coat or wear it with a sweater.
Wear indoors instead of a necklace.

Ribbon Ladder Yarn Scarves
Mixed with metallic yarns and now fringed!

Style Pink Ribbon/pink metallic
2 Yarns
Pink ribbon Yarn in assorted pinks, yellows and light purples
Pink Thick Metallic yarn
4" by 32" Not counting fringe
Special $35.00 plus shipping.

Style Purple Ribbon Ladder with light purple metallic

2 yarns
Purple ribbon Ladder with assorted pinks, purples & roses
Light purple thick metallic yarn
4' By 35"
Special $30.00 plus shipping.

Style Bronze Metallic and Brown to Green Ladder Frindge
$35.00 plus shipping.

Style - Pastel Ladder with Light rainbow metallic

Pastel ladder yarn - pinks, turqouise, purple etc.
Thick metallic yarn in light rainbow mixed in. (pastels)
48" by 3" plus fringe
$35.00 plus shipping.

Style - Turqouise, Tan, Green Ladder with Thick Turqouise Metallic

Ladder yarn with thick metallic yarn
2 1/2 to 3" by 48" (plus fringe).

$35.00 plus shipping.

Style Lime Ladder & thick lt. rainbow metallic
3 yarns
2 lime ladder yarns
Thick Light Rainbow metallic
2 1/2" to 3" by 56"
$40.00 plus shipping

Ladder with cotton metallic yarn

Black and silver cotton yarn
Black threaded ladder with primary colors
3" by 59+"
$40.00 plus shipping
Picture coming

2 Ladder yarns twisted together in Magnentas, yellows, blues, limes and more
white with gold metallic cotton
3" by 59" Plus fringe
$40.00 plus shipping

Black, pinks, yellows, light blues
Black with gold metallic
3" by 55"
$40.00 plus shipping

Ladder Yarn with Square Yarn.

Ladder yarn in browns and greens
boucle yarn in oranges, tans, greens
squares on yarn in same
3" by 44"
Special $40.00 plus shipping.

Black ladder yarn
Squares on thread in reds, greens, purples, yellows and oranges
Thin metallic in black/copper
3" by 48"
$45.00 plus shipping.
(I did not get to measure this one yet.)

Turqouise square yarn
Multicolor ladder yarn in yellows, beige, blues.
boucle yarn in dark colors of reds, blues and deep purples
3" by 48"
$45.00 plus shipping

Metallic Ladder Scarves

Metallic Ladder Yarn with twisted thin metallic threads.

Use for a little sparkle for day or night wear.

Many in stock pictures coming.

Style- Navy Blue Metallic Ladder - Silver twist
Fringed scarf
Dark Navy Blue Metallic with glimmers of royal blue metallic.
Knitted with crochet border
Thin Silver metallic twisted in.
2 1/2" to 3" by 45" (plus fringe)
$35.00 plus shipping.

Style - Red Metallic ladder Fringed Scarf Gold/red metallic
Red Metallic Ladder Yarn
Red/gold thin metallic yarn twisted into the ladder.
$35.00 each plus shipping.

Black Metallic Ladder
Thin Black/gold and Black/silver metallic
3 yarns
2 1/2 to 3" by 43" (plus fringe)
$35.00 plus shipping.
Samples of Metallic Ladder:

Other metallic ladder colors are:
turqouise, black, red, navy and bronze

Click here!


Fun Fur Scarves,Capes, Stolls, Headbands & Scruncies.

If you can knit or crochet and want to make scarves similar to these: see my free lesson pages for tips and yarn sources.

Crafts & Supplies at!
They have yarn too!

Plus many sweepstakes

Samples of Boucle'
and Other Yarns

Samples of some of my metallic threads that I mix in with the furs, ladder yarns etc
Click here to see my

metallics threads.
They come in very thin or thick thread that can be mixed into the scarfs for specks of glitter.

Ladder and Boucle' Scarves

Great for all ages.
For sophisticated evening wear or teens to school.
Ladder yarn mixed with the boucle' yarn.
Boucle gives the scarf some texture.
Long Fringe of both yarns.
Knitted with about 2 inches of tight crochet edges
Most about 3" by 36" with out the long fringe
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

3 yarns
Multi Tonal Browns to white ladder yarn
Cotton blend boucle in browns and greens
69" plus fringe
$45.00 plus shipping

3 yarns
double pastel ladder yarn
Ecru cotton thread with gold metallic
60" long
$40.00 plus shipping

Ladder Boucle #2
Reds, yellows, lime, Pinks,Blues, Purples,Blacks and more
3" by 50" (plus fringe)
$40.00 plus shipping

Double ladder yarn in red, yellow, blues and oranges
White cotton with metallic gold specks
59" long
Special $40.00 plus shipping.

Ladder boucle #3
Reds, pinks and more!
3" by 50+"
$40.00 plus shipping

Ladder boucle #4
Purples, pinks and more.

Navy/navy Magic Scarf
Assorted navy blue/black ladder yarn
Twisted together with blue/black/gray magic yarn. (cotton/rayon blend)
thin silver metallic
3" by 55" (plus fringe)
$40.00 plus shipping.

Same with thin gold metallic
3" by 65"
$50.00 plus shipping

Style- Red,Orange, Purple Ladder with Purple Magic Nubbed Yarn.
3 yarns
Thin lt. lilac ? and black metallic yarn
2 1/2" to 3" by 54"

$40.00 plus shipping.

Red/pink ladder RWBboucle

Ladder yarn in pinks and reds
Magic/boucle yarn in red, whites and navy blues
Thin gold metallic
3 1/2 to 4" by 64"
$50.00 plus shipping

Same as above 3 1/2"by 55"
$45.00 plus shipping.

Navy zebra boucle with twists of olive greens, purples, reds
ladder yarn in yellows, magnentas, blues, limes and more
thin gold metallic
$50.00 plus shipping
Picture coming
Ladder yarn in browns, lime green, tans
twist yarn in browns, oragne and more
2 1/2" by 50+"
$40.00 plus shipping


Style Purple,Magnenta, Turqouise Ladder/Lt. blue rayon with light blue metallic

Ladder yarn with purples, magnenta and turqouise on black ladder
Twisted and polished rayon yarn in light blue
Thin light blue metallic twisted in
3 yarns
Special $35.00 plus shipping.

Whites & tans with black thread ladder
beige rayon twist cord
3" by 62" plus fringe
$50.00 plus shipping.

Ladder with beads

Double pastel ladder yarns
Pinks, yellows, oranges etc
Ecru pearlized cotton/rayon twist
Glass beads in pastels, limes, turqouise, orange, purples etc.
3"+ by 50" by fringe
$50.00 plus shipping

Great for belts or sashes

Style - Black to Gray Wide Ribbon Scarf
with black/gold & black/silver metalllic
Terrible picture!

Thick ribbon yarn.
Grays to black on one ribbon.
Thick black/gold and black/silver metallic twisted in.
3 yarns!
3" by 54" plus fringe
Great for belt too.
$40.00 plus shipping.

Style - Ribbon Yarn Blues, Purples, Limes White pearlized.

2 yarns
Wide ribbon yarn
pinks, limes, purples, blues
Thick White pearlized metallic twisted into the ribbon.
3" by 56" plus fringe
$40.00 plus shipping.

Style - Autumn Ribbon/thin gold metallic

Wide ribbon yarn
Oranges, browns, blacks, blues, greens etc
Thin gold metallic twisted in
3" by 55" plus fringe
$40.00 plus shipping

same with copper/black thin metallic instead of the gold
$40.00 plus shipping

Style - Assorted Brown Ribbon with gold metallic
Wide ribbon yarn.
Thin gold metallic twisted in.
2 1/2" by 54"
$40.00 plus shipping.

Style- Blues Ribbon with Royal Blue metallic

Thick ribbon yarn in assorted light and dark blues
Thick royal blue metallic twisted in.
2 1/2" by 55" plus fringe
$40.00 plus shipping.

More pictures coming. Many in stock.
Click here to see Fur Scarves- Page 1
Click here to see more Fur, Boa and Ladder Yarn Yarmulkahs on my new page - Fur Kippot
Ladder Yarn Samples:
Can be mixed with metallic yarn, boucle', rayon, cottons
and more to make a great textured scarf.
OR Yarmulkah!
Colors are even better in person!


Sample of Ribbon Yarn





and more!
Email me with your questions.

Any of the items marked can by special ordered.

If you can knit or crochet and want to make scarves similar to these: see
my free lesson pages for tips and yarn sources.

I already have been told my local customers
that these scarves look much better in person!
Please read the description carefully as many metallics
and other colors do not show up in the picture but are incredible.


Email me and we can design one together!

Now You Can Order
Ladder yarn, boucle' and chenille gloves to match



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