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Jewish and Bible Symbol Gifts and Jewelry Catalog

Designed by Eileen Chadis Wood.
Scroll down this is a LONG page

Jewish Symbol Jewelry and Gifts
New symbol charms available in golden pewter and pewter. They can be ordered in any of my designs.
So excited by these I am posting pictures before I get to make them into any thing!

Hammered look star

Hammered look chumsah with Hebrew letter Shin
Beautiful back too.

Hammered look chumsah with Hebrew letter Shin in a heart.
back of charm has different design with a swirl

Shavuot or Ten commandments with Hebrew letters instead of numbers
Tree of life with leaves on back side too
Or is it the burning bush?

Star of David with scene of Jerusalem on front.
word Jerusalem printed on back

  • Tree and Tree of Life Jewelry
  • Including: Pins, Wine charm sets, Bookmarks and more
  • Women's Seder Theme Gifts and Jewelry
  • Miriam's Tambourine Gifts, Elijah and Miriam Beaded Wine Markers and more.

    Bible, Shabbat, Klezmer. Kosher Foods and more
    Bracelets, earrings, pins, gifts and more
  • Bible Places and Symbols
  • Noah's Ark, Peace Doves, Shalom, Jerusalem

  • Jewish Music
  • Orchestra, Band and Klezmer
  • Shabbat and Havdallah
  • Jewish foods
  • Kosher Food, Gefilte fish, Chicken soup and more.
  • I am my beloved jewelry and gifts
    Ani L'Dodi Li Jewelry and gifts

  • Jewish Symbol Jewelry and Gifts
    Star of Davids, Chai, Chumsahs, Tree of Life, Kabbalah and more! Including Shavout and Tu B'Shevat:
  • Torah Pins, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Gifts
  • Hand Enameled
  • Chai Charms. Many styles in pewter and golden pewter, enamled, resin and more
    Chai Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and more.
    Good luck/number 18/long life symbol.

  • Chumsahs (Hand of G-d) Jewelry and gifts
  • Earrings - Pierced and Clips

  • Earrings - Page 1 Jewish Stars
  • Earrings - Page 2
    Kabballah, Lions of Judah, Mezuzzahs,Yads, Chuppahs, Shul/Temples, mazel etc
  • Tree of Life (Tu B'Shevat Trees)

  • Chandelier Earrings

  • CLIP EARRINGS= Non Pierced Earrings

  • Bracelets and Necklaces

  • Silver Plated and Enameled Big Hole Beads on Leather, rubber and Silver chain bracelets.

  • Wired glass beaded bracelets and silver enamaled charms bracelets.
  • Bracelets. Adults and Teen: Charm, wired glass beads, cha cha bracelets, link bracelets and more
  • Bracelets: Kids, Teens and Adult Plastic and Ceramic stretch elastic bracelets
  • Bracelets: Children, Teen and Adult memory wire bracelets.
  • Sterling Silver Bracelets and Pendants
  • EYE glass and Badge holders
  • Wired Glass Beaded Necklaces
    With Charm pendants
  • Jewish Metal Purse Necklaces

    More Pins, Bracelets and Necklaces

    Faux Dicronic Pins
    Sterling wired pendants

    Pewter and Golden Pewter Pins
  • Jewish Symbol Pins
    plus Fabric and Embroidered Gifts
  • Charm and Beaded Bead Doll Pins.

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah
    Charm Jewelry and Gifts

  • To see Jewish Holiday and Shabbat
    Jewelry and Gifts
    Click here

    Want to Print a sample copy
    of some of my online gift and jewelry items?
    Just print the following smaller pages:
  • Jewish Jewelry.
  • Jewelry.
  • Jewish Gift Catalog.
  • Gift Catalog

  • Mens and Boys:

  • Tie Bars

  • Tie tacs and lapel pins
  • Now available with many of my pewter and golden pewter charms as well as my new resin jewelry.
    In stock with prices and pictures coming


  • Charm, Clay & Pewter Tallit clips.

    For men and women. (Page 1)

  • Glass and Pewter Beaded Tallit Clips or Sweater Guards

    (Page 2)

  • Bookmarks
  • Metal Book Marks
  • String and corded book marks
    with glass beads and charms

  • Key chains

  • Jewish Charms for Crocs and other shoes

    Pewter, Golden Pewter, Enameled, Resin and Ceramic Decorations for shoes or "rubber" bracelets

    Resin Jewelry:
  • Shoe Jewelry
  • Key Chains
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Lobster claws
  • Tie Tacs and lapel pins
  • Pins/necklaces
  • ID covers

  • Party Favors:

  • Wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah party favors and bulk orders

  • Charm Dangles

  • Charms with lobster claws with and with out beads.
  • Charms on lanyard hooks
  • Charms on mini cell phone lanyards
  • To use as zipper pulls, cell phone jewelry etc.

    Ladies and Teens:

  • Hat and Stick Pins.
    4", 6", 7", 8"

  • Watches with Jewish Bands
  • Watches with Beaded and Charm Watch bands


    Kippah Clips, Bobbie Pins and Hair Sticks
  • Charm and Beaded Bobbie Pins, Clips and Barettes

  • Jewish Metal Hair Sticks

  • Metal Hair Sticks with Jewish Charms and Beads

  • POLYMER CLAY (Sculpey Brand)

  • Clay Pins with Pewter Charms.
  • Molded 3D Jewish Jewelry.

    I have carved my own Judiaca 3D molds. .

  • Chi Pins.
  • 3D Molded Mennorah and Jewish Symbols Pins.
  • Chumsah Pins.
  • Sculpey Clay Chumsah Necklace with shell beads. (heishi)

  • Napkin Rings/Wine Charms

    Holidays, Shabbat, Havdallah, Food and more!

  • Deluxe Jewish Beaded Wine Charms.
  • Hand beaded cloth napkin rings
  • Deluxe Miriam and Elijah Cup Markers
  • Judaica Gift Items:

    Polymer Clay and Glass

  • Mezzuzahs
  • Jacob's Coat Series Dreidels.
  • 6 sided glass star candlesticks.
  • Glass and Charmed Light or Ceiling Fan Pulls
  • coming soon
    Polymer clay on wood Etrog boxes
  • Clay on Glass Havdallah Sets
  • And MORE!

    New Editions Added Weekly So Visit Often.

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